Come and visit us in Northern Sardinia, we specialize in building, repairing, replacing, whole or partial renovation and production of pneumatic tubular elements for rubber dinghies, tenders and maxi tenders, from small, 2 metre inflatable boats all the way up to stupendous Super Rib Boats or 24 metre Maxi Tenders.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials available on the international market: ORCA Hypalon Neoprene fabric for pneumatic tube applications, manufactured in France by Pennel & Flipò.


Our Boat Yard is known by the Registered Trademark RIBMARINE and we are currently among the major Italian manufacturers of Inflatable Boats, Tenders, Rubber Dinghies and Maxi Tenders. All design and manufacturing activities take place at our Industrial Facility located in the Province of Olbia - Tempio, and we sell our products directly through our numerous Dealers, located throughout Italy and Europe, keeping end costs to a minimum thanks to the use of dedicated delivery solutions, via a distribution network based in the Commercial Ports of Olbia - Cagliari - Porto Torres and Santa Teresa di Gallura.


Our prices are affordable and competitive and we are capable of correcting any problem affecting your boat, repairing tears and gashes, recaulking, fixing membranes and compartments, and producing replacement bow noses and lateral gunwales.


We concentrate on the manufacture and sale of pleasure, professional and working dinghies and other craft, rubber dinghies for commercial lease and rental businesses, diving, sightseeing and water shuttles, and bar service delivery boats. We also offer a wide range of boats designed for use in situations such as sea and flood rescue sea rescue operations, including water ambulances, fire boats, rescue boats, and professional inflatable boats, for national and international bodies, including national governments, regional and municipal authorities, Coast Guard, Police forces, Civil Defence bodies, the Red Cross, Voluntary Associations, Port Authorities, Armed Forces, Municipal Supervision authorities, State Forestry Corps, Rural Protection organisations, and Environmental and Marine Park protection and monitoring bodies.

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The Ribmarine Boat Yard designs, manufacturers and markets:


  • Small rubber dinghies
  • Inflatable boats
  • Rubber dinghies
  • Tenders
  • Maxi-Tenders
  • Rib Boats
  • Super Tenders
  • Luxury Tenders

In total, the Boat Yard covers about 30,000 square metres, divided up as follows:


  • Ample Parking.
  • Administrative Office, Planning Office, Sales Department.
  • Warehouse - Pneumatic Fabrics - Nautical Parts and Accessories.
  • Mechanical Workshop - Spare Parts and Marine Motor Service Department.
  • Gel coating and resin finishing shop.
  • Joinery and Carpentry area.
  • Inflatable Boat Showroom.
  • Inflatable Dinghies & Maxi Tender Fitting Area.
  • Production - Renovation and Service Area for Tubular Sections
  • Handling Area equipped with N. 6 Cranes, N. 4 Elevators, N. 2 Trailers.

Other Services available at our boat yard:


  • Laying up/custody/deposit facilities for Rubber Dinghies-Boats-Water Scooters-Scooters-Quad Bikes-Motor Vehicles (indoor or semi-covered)
  • Repairs and work in fibreglass
  • Hull cleaning and antifouling treaments
  • Dinghy & Maxi Tender treatments:
  1. Renovation, careening, anti-mold treatment
  2. Repairing and reconditioning tubes using the highest quality Orca® pneumatic fabrics from Pennel & Flipo
  3. Tube customization in a choice of 50 colours using the highest quality Orca® pneumatic fabrics from Pennel & Flipo
  4. Replacing PVC tubes with elements in Orca® fabrics from Pennel & Flipo
  • Servicing Outboard - Inboard - Sterndrive Motors
  • Electrical systems, water systems, fuel systems
  • We also offer an experienced, high-skilled off site and at-sea assistance service
  • Transport Services - Hauling - Launching with own transport
  • Sales and rental of Nautical - Fishing - Sports - Water Sports equipment
  • Authorized dealers for various Brands of Outboard, Inboard and Sterndrive Motors.
  • Yamaha - Suzuki - Selva Marine - Honda - Mercury - Tohatsu - Evinrude - Johnson - Sea Doo.
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