RIBMARINE 515 - RELAX: this classic, high-performance dinghy features a striking appearance and on-board comfort, with plenty of space in the bow and stern cockpit, extremely comfortable, and two platforms, complete with boarding ladder, that can be lowered into the water or used for the shower. The boat is equipped with a driver's seat and a console positioned on the right hand side, it is extremely comfortable to drive even at high speeds or in rough seas, an features an ample sun deck that can be extended as far as the bow in order to make maximum use of the available space. The highly stratified prow guarantees low fuel consumption at cruising speed. In the case of non-licensed use, it may be equipped with a classic 40 HP motor, or a high-performance 40/60 HP unit allowing it to reach speeds of up to 32 knots with a minimum complement of 2/3 persons, whereas, in the case of licensed use at distances of 12 or more miles from the coast, we recommend a 100/115 HP motor. Very popular thanks to its approval for the transport of a large number of passengers (8 people) for commercial rental and boat leasing, with or without a driver, or for underwater activities, beach shuttle service, seine fishing, underwater fishing lines and for beginners or experienced professionals.



Model - Model Type: RIBMARINE 515 - RELAX

External Dimensions: 5.15 x 2.35

Internal Dimensions: 4.10 x 1.20

Diameter of Tubular Sections: 56

Compartments: N. 05

Maximum Carrying Capacity: N. 10

Design Category: C / B




Bow mooring post with stainless steel fairlead

Anchor Hatch with Thru-Hull

Rescue Equipment Hatch

Shower Tank Hatch

Fuel Tank Hatch

Bow Sundeck with closed cell cushions

Extended cushiong facing Centre Console

Seat cushions in the rear dining area

Reinforced Stainless steel Lifeline

Watertight Battery Master Switch Housing

Series 12 Volt battery power

Semi-Automatic bilge pump

Stern stainless steel cleats for mooring

Stainless steel boarding ladder

Stainless steel ring bolt for mooring





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