Rubber Dinghy Tube Fabric

We work together with a company that has extensive experience and know-how in the processes involve in applying polymers to technical textiles in order to guarantee unrivalled levels of stability and durability, thus ensuring that your new rubber dinghy or maxi tender provides you with years of reliable service.

ORCA Rubber dinghy tubes

The warehouse at our boat yards located in Northern Sardinia contains a wide range of pneumatic fabrics, available in various colours and weights. These products are also available for direct sales to Service and Repair boat yards or to the public, from large-scale industrial uses, such as the manufacture and preparation of tubes, to small repairs and technical support operations, such as repairing cuts and tears, patching and partial reconditioning, and any other repair or maintenance work that may be necessary on boat tubular elements.


You can also find everything you need when working with these products, from special glues and activator additives, to clamps, spatulas and professional abrasives.

Tube colours

Thanks to the wide range of colours developed by the Factory PENNEL & FLIPO, ORCA pneumatic fabric is the ideal solution to all your dinghy or maxi tender tube customisation needs.


Our company is located in Northern Sardinia and is specialized in manufacturing, repairing, gluing, and preparing tubular boat elements, assistance, assembly and sales of rubber dinghies, inflatable boats, tenders, maxi tenders and sea rescue vessels.

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is resistant to ultraviolet rays

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is resistant to high temperatures

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca features great mechanical strength

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is resistant to abrasions!

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is resistant to hydrocarbons

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is weatherproof

Orca Pennel and Flipo

Orca is extremely flexible


Orca is easy to work with

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